Saturday, December 24, 2011
Recap: Niemi is Good
The Sharks played their best game of possession hockey I've seen this year. Granted I haven't been able to watch a whole lot of games, but they looked very strong on the puck and in the corners. It just didn't translate into shots on net in the first. They had several great chances, but the puck seemed to skip over every Shark stick in those situations. The Sharks looked quick on the Power Play, and I am guessing they will get one later on tonight they way it is looking right now. The period was also incredibly physical. Vlasic nailed a King behind the Sharks net, and the Kings made Couture's like very difficult, nailing him in the boards several times. The second Couture hit gave way to a Sharks PP, but once again they could not score. 

The second was characterized by both teams really opening up the offense. After twelve combined shots in the first, the two teams nearly doubled it with twenty-three in the second. The checking was still up and both teams finally got on the board. Couture's goal was an absolute beauty. His one-timer from the high slot area was a snipe with an incredible release. Benn Ferriero is playing the best hockey I have seen from him. He is showing speed I have not seen from him yet, and he is getting into the right positions on the ice to make plays. It is exactly what we need to see from him since Havlat will be out at least 6 weeks. The Kings tied it up with a minute left in the period, following a cross-ice pass to Mike Richards on the PP.

Finally, the third was more of the same. Hard-hitting, fast, playoff style hockey. Both teams had their chances, and both Niemi and Quick rose to the challenge. Vlasic continued one of the strongest games of his season, and he rightfully finished with the first star of the game. The intensity continued into overtime and then into the shoot-out. Clowe scored the only goal, using Quick's own knowledge of his Clowe against him.

That was the most entertaining game of the year in my opinion. Yes, even better than the game against the Lightning on Wednesday. Both teams brought it, there were plenty of chances on net, and both goalies brought their A+ game. The Sharks still have a handful of games in hand on most teams in the league, so hopefully they will finish this home stretch with 45 points.

Quick Hits

-Colin White does a spectacular job of playing within himself. And in my opinion it is infuriating. Of course, it makes sense. When a player is expected to have absolutely no offensive output, said player won't take risks with the puck.  Such is the expected output from Colin White, and hence we see a lot of safe passes to his defensive partner. His refusal to make a stretch pass seems to border on stubbornness and I believe it hurts the Sharks. How many times has it seemed like the Sharks make one to many passes between defense-men, leading to a turnover in their own zone?  

-Since when did Curtis Brown get on the Sharks intermission report!?! I still want Mark Smith back. He can play me sweet guitar tunes while I figure out whether the Stars or not. 

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Sunday, December 18, 2011
Back? It might be happening.
Life is a bitch. It has been twenty-three months since the last time I blogged here, and it is a little odd coming back. No longer do I live 30 minutes away from the Tank and no longer do I get to watch my games on TV (Thank you FirstRowSports), but my blood still bleeds Teal, and my desire to blog still burns. If you are actually reading this, I would like to welcome you to the return of the Surely This Year. The last incarnation, supposedly a three man team, died in January of 2010. Well, like the Arena Football League, I am back and ready to blog. 

Hopefully I won't be alone this time, as I currently help run the We Like Sharkz Facebook Page. Link here. I will be attempting to get a couple more writers on the site while I, along side writing, would be the editor of the blog as well. 

Tonight marked my first regular-season visit to the Tank this year. College in the middle of butt-fuck no-where (Merced) tends to inhibit your ability to attend a game. I was impressed with the play of the team for the most part, as they did a fairly good job on the penalty kill. That was one of the key things I looked for, and I think my lack of things to say about it is good. The power play looked better (after the crowd gave them the boos they deserved) and Patty slipped in an easy game-winning goal thanks to two great individual efforts. Jamie McGinn has kept growing as a player ever since it seemed he came out of his cocoon in the playoffs last year. He has been skating hard into the corners and winning the puck battles, which led to the power play goal tonight. 

Marty Havlat had a roller coaster of a game, scoring a beautiful goal in the first, then taking two back-to-back penalties in the second. He was not able to finish his ride sadly, as he injured himself getting onto the ice. Yes, Havlat looked to injure his knee attempting to get over the boards, and was unable to put any pressure on his leg. Any long-term injury turns the Havlat-Heatley trade into our worst possible scenario because as everyone has seen, Heatley has helped lead the Wild into the lead of the Western Conference. Let's just hope he gets better soon. 

Off topic, I was finally able to try out Amici's pizza in the HP. I didn't mind it, but my dad hated it. D+ from him.

Thanks for reading, share this with anyone you think might enjoy it, and follow us if you enjoyed the read. 


Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Winter Break Is Over
Not that the Sharks missed a beat. 9 wins in the last 10 games is pretty damn good. At a sweet clip of 3.4 goals per game compared to 2.1 given up per game(minus this and it's a sweet 1.5) the Sharks are rolling. Tonight they ran into a goalie possessed, and Marleau and Heatley stepped up to win the game. To make this run a little sweeter, the Sharks are 5-1 against Pacific Division opponents, which has given them a bit of separation, now up 7 points.

The comeback of the man who's lost his fighting touch and the man who was suppose to replace him(until this guy came along) coming back, both Demers and McLaren were sent back down. I get mixed feelings with that, because I want to see Jay Leach play because we are paying him for virtually nothing. However, I REALLY REALLY like Frazer. He doesn't make the stupid mistakes that Staubitz makes, and he is just a better player overall while still being a bruiser out there.

Other than that, it is late.

I've decided that the french fries are the only thing I'm getting at the HP from now on. And if I ever find that booth with the sundays.


Saturday, December 12, 2009
Dark Times
The Sharks are in a midst of a 5 game losing streak. They are playing some of the worse hockey I've seen them play in 2 years(except maybe at the end of last year+playoffs). Why am I not sad, or angry? Because now is the perfect time for the weaknesses to show for a team. The Sharks are a little more than 2/5ths of the way through the season. Now is the time for a team to go through a rough patch, work their problems and get through it. However the problem that seems to be rearing it's ugly head right now needs to be fixed, and fixed soon. Blake puts it best here; the Sharks are playing really uninspired hockey...remind anyone of the playoffs last year. However, what I hope is the difference and actually matters is that this problem is showing up now, and not 3 games before the playoffs.

Some bad news is that I read that Boyle was hurt with 5 seconds left. Boyle has quietly turned into my favorite player on the Sharks, behind Nabokov and McGinn. The guy really does everything, putting up big minutes and making big plays. The ultimate D-man. Hopefully he isn't out that long.

Other than that, nothing really on my mind right now.

Oh yea, went to the game versus the Kings...didn't get chicken strips.


Sunday, December 6, 2009
Last Two Games
Have been pretty disappointing. To give up a short-handed goal with 6 seconds left is inexcusable. The fact that Nabby put the blame on someone else pissed me off a little bit, because it's just unneeded and it's going to cause problems. The Sharks just seemed to stop playing after they were up 2-1, as the Blues picked it up after. Also, I <3>
Other than that I don't have much to say, other than the fact that the HP Pavilion's Chicken Strips are not good.

My ratings go like this right now.

1. Denny's
2. Elephant Bar
3. HP Pavilion

Gotta step up your game HP.

In other news, I hurt my back, which is one of the reasons this blog is coming late.

I didn't watch the Calgary-San Jose game, I was busy last night, but I heard that Kipper played on his head to keep San Jose from scoring. Sometimes a goaltender just beats you.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Sharks Come Home
I'm a bit tired, but here goes. Milan Michalek is an absolute beast. I think he finally matured into a great player, and he will contribute in Ottawa. Patrick Marleau played his 900th, and I wish Todd would have put him out on that last shift to get the hat-trick. Oh well, a great game played by him and he is now the Sharks leading scorer. Thornton keeps putting up crazy numbers and I think he's at 32 assist wise at this point. Heatley had 6 shots in the 1st period. I don't know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, but I want him to keep doing it. Also I loved the scoring from the 2nd and 3rd line. Now we just need to get that 4th line scoring(I mean they do have Seto and Mitchell). It'll come though.

On the topic of that 4th line, I'm liking the slow improvement in ice time for the two returnees. Hopefully they keep progressing and get to a point where McLellan can put them on the ice and not have to worry.

Greiss looked pretty good for a guy who I never trust at all. He flops WAY to much, and although it worked tonight, I don't see that working in the future. Unless he is a reincarnation of this guy.

Last bit of news. I'm going to the game Thursday, maybe I'll bring a camera and take some pictures.


Sunday, November 29, 2009
40 Points...
Sharks first team to 40 points. Regular season dominance...yay. Really though, tonights game was textbook. Sharks just wore the Canucks out who played back-to-back games. Uhmmm, I need to start some sort of way to sort my thoughts. I didn't get to watch the whole game, was at my friend's 18th birthday dinner. Same friend who loves Man vs. Food. And what's up with CSN not showing Bret Hedican's Hockey Credentials. Did they finally learn that they were insulting my intelligence by showing it EVERY SINGLE GAME? Oh well.

Frazer McLaren scored. I like him, he has the look of a hockey player and he fights well. Good 4th line player. His line included Torrey Mitchell and Devin Setoguchi, so I'm sure that helped. Smart move by McLellan by the way. Ease these two back into the game and don't risk injury. Makes sense after what happened last year.

1 for 5 on the PP, which is ok. Both Randy and Drew raped the fact that the 1st PP was getting to showy. I get it. I read the blog already, you've said it all game, just shut up and let them do their thing. It works. Oh but wait...they simplified and scored their only PP goal. Well fuck me. Whatever, just keep scoring goals.

Lastly, Evgeni Nabokov is awesome. He made some great saves, and kept the lead for the Sharks in the early 3rd, when I thought VanCity would tie it up. Just another reason he should be rated a 120 in NHL 10.

Did I mention the chicken strips at Elephant Bar aren't very good. They are very low on my list of Chicken Strips.